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December 31, 2013
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Illegibilus: Xavier Veneti by KairiBaka Illegibilus: Xavier Veneti by KairiBaka
Xavier Veneti
160 lbs
September 3rd

Shy || Quiet || Kind || Self Conscious || Responsible || Animal Lover || Intelligent
Xavier is rather quiet and reserved. He isn't the type to go all out and socialize with his fellow students. But that doesn't keep him from having a kind hearted smile on his face. Usually throughout the hall ways, he'd flash a smile at students, hoping that it'll brighten their day. He is quite studious and would usually be seen with a book or doing his homework. Xavier is also quite self conscious about his appearance and would usually be shunned for his looks when he was younger. He tries to fit in with everyone, but he ends up being stared at and cast aside. This caused him to be very sensitive with everything about himself, his height, his face, his hair, everything.

He isn't capable of yelling at people, or yelling in general, so he usually talks in a soft voice. He is quite responsible for a boy his age and takes care of everything he has. He could be seen as a motherly figure at times, and if you call him 'Mom,' he'll get all embarrassed and red. He is also a big sucker for animals, all kinds of living creatures. Ranging from canines, birds, bugs, and fishes. If you show him a pet, he will go completely gaga over it and coo at the animal for hours on end.

As a little kid, he had no idea whose family he belonged in. He was just a small young boy who lived in his foster home, waiting to be part of a family. He was alone most of the time, and called a freak by everyone around him. It was hard to be accepted in the community he lived him, for, people thought he wasn't normal, he was different. As he got older, he grew faster than the average kid, he had extraordinary intelligence, and he had eyes red as blood, and hair white as snow.

At school, he was bullied for being different, on the streets, people would whisper about him, as if they thought he wouldn't hear them. But none of those events stopped him from keeping a smile on his face. Xavier was naturally kind hearted, and tried to help out those in need, but all of those acts of kindness were tossed aside. No matter how kind he was, or how much he smiled, people still saw him as a freak. He had no friends his age, except for one old woman who lived across the street from the foster home, named Mary Anne. For she, didn't see a freak, she saw a kind hearted, misunderstood, young boy. Everyday, Xavier would go and visit that woman and she would welcome him with warm arms, as if she was her own son.

Soon enough, Xavier found out that she did in fact have a son. And she told him that he was a lot like that son. They were both kind boys, but was also misunderstood by everyone in society, ans she saw a lot of her son, in Xavier. Later, he found out that her son had died in a horrible fire, the cause? She'd never tell.

By the time he turned eleven, he received his letter from Hogwarts. At first, he thought this was some sort of joke, and tossed it out. But the next day the letter came back. This time, he opened it. He was utterly shocked at what he had just read, and ran across the street to the only person that he could tell. She read the letter, and a sad smile appeared on her soft elderly face.

"Indeed you are just like him..." she said to Xavier, "A wizard, just like my little boy..."

Xavier was indeed confused. Mary Anne then explained everything, that there is indeed magic, that her son's fiery death was caused by a miss used spell, and that she, too, was a wizard. Mary Anne then volunteered to help Xavier with his packing to his new life at Hogwarts. Before he left for Hogwarts, Mary Anne told Xavier that he would be coming home to his new family, her. She told him that when he came back, that she would adopt him and that they could be a happy family together. And so began his new life at Hogwarts, becoming a new person.


Blood Related - (Unknown to Xavier)

Adrian Martin Father (Pure-blood)(Age 38)
Bianca Thomas Mother (Muggle)(Age 34)
Antonio Thomas Half-brother (Muggle)(Age 14)
Dante Martin Half-brother (Pure-blood)(Age 17)

Foster Family -

Mary Anne Veneti Foster Mom (Pure-blood)(Age 85)

Interests & Dislikes:
+ Anything magic related
+ Cloudy skies
+ Books
+ Learning
+ Animals
+ Kind people

-  Abusive people
- Being called a freak
- His face
- His hair
- Every physical property about himself hRNG
- Darkness
- Bullying

Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures || Transfiguration
Extra Curricular:
Art || Music || Quidditch

Used to open and unlock doors
Disintegrates something
Oculus Reparo
Fixes eye glasses
Wingardium Leviosa
Levitates objects
Expecto Patronum
A spell that protects the user with a spirit-like being of positive thoughts to protect them from dark creatures.
Lights the tip of the wand like a torch

Wand Ingredients -
Core: Unicorn Core
Length: 14 1/2 inches
Wood: Cypress
Flexibility:  Quite Flexible

Name: Poom Poom
Species: Maltese
Gender: Female
Friendly || Up beat || Clingy || Loud
Poom Poom is Mary Anne's puppy that she got recently, turns out that Poom Poom liked Xavier more than her, so she decided to give Poom Poom to Xavier. He gladly accepted.


    Catherine Featherstone
A strange girl who met Xavier in the library. She had convinced him to go into the waters and go swimming. (Friend)
Mei-Lin Cheng
Xavier met Mei Lin in Care of Magical Creatures, at first he was frightened of her, but now they're good friends. He tutors her sometimes and he had seen her play violin. She is quite an odd hugger and he's trying to help her get out of that awkward habit. (Friend)
Marie Sexton
Met her in Care of Magical Creatures. Quite a strange girl. First she complimented him, which he wasn't used to, and she grabbed his face and look at him from different angles. Odd if you asked Xavier. (Acquaintance)
Pierre Rosier
Met him in Care of Magical Creatures. Pierre had seen Xavier surrounded by animals, including his own, and came to take the critter back. Only for it to stay a top of Xavier's head. (Acquaintance)
Lawrence Kingston
Lawrence gave Xavier poisonous flowers, that Sai ate. Xavier had raced him on the Quidditch field and won. Not sure if it was dumb luck or not still. (Acquaintance/Rival)
Dimitri Leshchyov
Met him on the Quidditch field as he stood at the Commentator box, narrating the Xavier vs. Lawrence race. Thinks he's some sort of follower of Lawrence? (Acquaintance)
Fu Ling
Fellow prefect and a very very VERY smart girl. She managed to help Xavier out when he had trouble in some certain classes. She seems quite nice, at least to Xavier when he's good. Whenever he messes up she might point it out, but he's sure that she means well. (Acquaintance/Fellow Prefect)
Briony-Lin Teague
A quiet girl. She seemed to show a lot of interest in his pet dog Poom Poom. (Acquaintance)
Kaelum Sadler
Team Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, making them rivals/acquaintance. He helped Xavier up when he fell on his face in the Great Hall and called off some bullies away from him. (Acquaintance/Rival)
Alice Josephine Barry
Xavier met her briefly in the Great Hall and in the Quidditch field. She seems like a sweet gal. (Acquaintance)
Zia Pendleton
A close acquaintance of Xavier's. He thinks she's cute and small, too small...
Emerson Powell
Stole Xavier's shirt (Shirt Stealer)
Annie Bastet
A bit... off? Xavier only saw her for a short moment, and she had given him cookies. He finds her eyes to be quite captivating. (Acquaintance)
Sai Valentine
Met in the library and shared a common interest in animals. She is also a Quidditch captain, and the only female one at that. He finds her interesting. (Acquaintance)
Elise Dremore
Fellow albino who lost her pet that followed Xavier's (Acquaintance)
Amelie Bellerose 
A friend of Xavier's who seems to care for him a lot. She called him adorable which made him turn redder than a cherry. He wasn't used to such flattery it made him nervous. He sees her as a good person who deserves to be cared for. (Friend)

- He is Xavier Veneti… in another life
- He is usually seen alone
- Has a birthmark on his neck
- He wears glasses to class so he can see, and he wears them at events like Quidditch so he can see everything going on.
- "I'm misunderstood and alone, but that doesn't keep me from smiling."
- "I'm different from everyone. People cast me aside, or pity me for being so different. Now what about you? Are you just like everyone else?"
- "I find friendship in other animals, for they don't judge me for how I look, and they can't talk about me behind my back. There fore, animals are my only friend."

<da:thumb id="426767001"> - Ravenclaw Quidditch Capitan
<da:thumb id="426766883"> - Yuel Ball 2013
<da:thumb id="426766746"> - Prefect

I was going to join the group a while ago, but then i was like nah, and then i saw other people do apps and then i was like YEAH :icongtthplz:
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